Dental Care of Dogs: A Mandatory Requirement

As a smart dog owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog remains healthy and happy. But even an attentive and caring owner can overlook dental care of their pets. It is not that easy to catch the symptoms, as they are only evident during the advanced stages of dental diseases. One of the best things that you can ever do to ensure healthy lifespan of your dog is by routinely checking their teeth, gums and oral cavity. If these things are not checked properly, it can result in bacteria to pass through your dog’s mouth to their bloodstream and then entering their lungs, kidneys and liver. This can result in infections like pneumonia, nephritis, and endocarditis.

But the good news that dental disease can be prevented with proper cleaning sessions and proper management. The very first thing that you can do is to have their teeth cleaned on a regular basis. If your pet is not provided with proper dental care, it can result in lots of diseases and health problems. Hence, visiting your veterinarian for regular dental checkup is the most important duty as a dog owner.

Let us now focus our attention to some of the diseases that can affect the dog if proper dental care is not maintained:

Oral Disease

Brush your dog’s teeth at least once on a weekly basis as there are wide array of dental diseases that can set in a very quick period of time. In most cases, it is possible to tell simply by scrutinising the pet’s mouth. The apparent signs of possible oral disease in pets include:

·Bad breath

·Inflamed or discoloured gums

·Loose tooth


· Tumours or cysts inside the mouth

These signs can come up when you do not clean the teeth and gums often.

Tooth Decay

If you do not brush your teeth regularly, it can result in tooth decay in sometime. Without brushing, plaque and bacteria can set in, which can lead to gingivitis causing gum recession and even tooth loss. By regularly brushing the teeth of the dog, you can reduce the chances of decay taking place.

Mouth Disorders

Lack of dental care in dogs can lead to bad breath, which is known as halitosis. Normally dogs do not have great breath, but if it progressively worsens, it can due to lack of proper dental care. One other disease that can occur due to improper dental care is periodontal disease. It is a very painful infection that sets in between the teeth and the gums that result in tooth loss.

To eradicate these problems, it is extremely important to schedule regular dental checkups with your veterinarian.